Monday 20 May 2013

GEJ To Reshuffle Cabinet

GEJ To Reshuffle Cabinet


There are speculations that President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan will reshuffle his cabinet as the administration approaches its second anniversary. The move aimed at dropping some ministers, switching others and bringing in new hands results from Mr. President independent reviewing of the performances of the different ministries of recent, especially with regards to the Performance Bond the ministers signed last year.

Government sources confirmed the fact that President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan who is not used to frequent changes in the running of his Government had allowed them time to improve in the performance of their assignments so as to ensure stability. It is the belief in Government that with frequent changes, there would arise the complaint of instability and that such could affect performance.

“There is a popular opinion that only a number of ministers are working and projecting the administration in positive light, while some are merely warming the chairs,” a top Government source said, adding that those who had been found below expectation would soon be relieved of their appointments.

Recently, the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meetings had also been devoted to assessing the performance of the ministers, with some of the appointees merely rolling out submissions made to them by the bureaucrats.

A source close to the Government said though most of the submissions had been applauded at the FEC meetings, Mr. President had his own independent assessment strategies.

It was reliably confirmed, however, that two camps had emerged in the running up to the expected cabinet reshuffle.

The source also revealed that while Mr. President was still compiling the list of those to be dropped, some forces in Government have started parading the names of some performing ministers, in order to create tension in the system.

Our source reiterated that while some ministers might be reassigned, no fewer than 10 would be sacked.

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