Sunday 28 February 2016

Breaking The Cycle of Porn Addiction



One of the issues that generated great interest in students and for which they craved for more clarifications and understanding during the ongoing security sensitization campaign in Schools in Eleme is pornography. Some of the very concerns expressed by the students centered on:
1.      What constitute pornography?
2.      Whether pornography is a harmless pastime or a deadly poison?
3.      Why the western world introduced pornography?
4.      How does pornography affects individual, family, and society?
5.      Is there a cure for pornography?
The enthusiasm shown by these students in the various Schools visited so far to know the evils of pornography how to avoid it motivated this article.

What is Pornography?

Pornography refers to books, magazines, DVDs, etc. that describe or show naked people and sexual acts in order to make people feel sexually excited. It also refers to printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings. It as well entails the sexually explicit material that is designed to arouse the viewer, reader, or listener. Pornography may be presented in variety of media. These may include but not limited to pictures, written materials, or audio stuff. It may be found in advertisement, movie, music, fashion, magazine, books, as well as on television, video games, smartphones, mobile devices, websites, painting, animation, sound recording, film and so on.

Porn Addiction and West Connection

Porn addiction can be defined as a behavioral addiction that is characterized by an ever-growing compulsion or need to view pornographic content or material. In the past, a person suffering from an addiction to pornography would satisfy his or her craving for pornographic content by viewing and/or storing pornographic videos, magazines and photos. The tools available to feed a porn addiction have since evolved along with technology, by providing unlimited pornography at all levels of explicitness. Today's porn addiction is also enabled by a range of devices, such as the Internet, social media and phones. These devices are enabling for a porn addict because they allow you to store and view porn in higher volumes than ever before while leaving little or no visible physical evidence of your porn use.
Pornography is strange to Africa. In all ancient African society porn was deemed weird and wacky. It was considered a psychiatric illness and a curse. Before now, the Africans considered pornography a sickness. But current happenings have changed all that. Pornography today is often thought by many in our beleaguered and thoroughly Nigerian society to be little more than a harmless and amusing recreational activity, something to savor and enjoy, rather than something to despise and avoid.
Yet, in this belief as with so many others in this day and age, the masses have been misled and lied to by the Western media and ‘sex researchers’ who seek to keep the populations of the third world in a constant state of confusion and docility, so as to easier manipulate the opinions and tastes of the masses, both politically, socially and sexually.
In reality, pornography is one of the most destructive and terrible pieces of weaponry the Western world have ever deployed in their efforts to corrode the character and integrity of African youths, and many modern ills plaguing African nations can be attributed to it.
The western world seems to have no moral scruples about profiting from the sale of pornography. They show no concern about the proven fact that highly addictive and dangerous erotic-toxins are released into the brain after contact with pornography and can cause progressive brain damage.
Nor do these porn-centric Americans have any qualms of conscience in regard to the wholesale corruption of families, whether native or non-native, or show the slightest concern about the tragic descent of children into the hell of compulsive masturbation and porn addiction.
These sex entrepreneurs, intent on easy profits, have eagerly sought to provide the masses with the cheapest and deadliest of tranquilizers: opportunities for endless orgasms, by way of a ceaseless flow of pornographic images in the mass media they control.
This is one way to achieve world domination without the need for revolutionary violence or military conquest: to take entire countries and turn them into giant masturbatory.
The model citizens of the future will be happy masturbators, if nothing is done about it now. This enthralling activity will keep them occupied throughout the day. It will make them docile and complacent, sated and semi-somnolent, like drugged dung flies in a cesspool or swilling latrine. They will be too busy debauching themselves to mount revolutions or plan revenge attacks against the shadowy elite who have been the architects of their slavery.
These are not the world-changers and wizards of the future. Because, of their degeneracies, their weaknesses, they are destined for the dustbin of history.

How did Africans get trapped in pornography?

The western world led by the Americans through the instrumentalities of religion, education, trade, democracy and globalization propelled by their masquerade called “Information and Communication Technology” lured the Africans into the unending web of pornography. They have made pornography materials and contents (of all categories) attractive, sweeter, cheaper and easy to get that beginning from the so-called “soft porn” that is in many of the PG-13 and R-rated movies the individual graduates to the very “hard-core” porn that is easily accessible online whereby the social-life conditions of the victim deteriorates and develops into chronic maladies , and the devastating effects becomes widespread making treatment/withdrawal a complex and difficult process.
In other words, the degradation of African social life did not merely happen; it was planned, deliberately fostered and spread. This systematic undermining of the culture of the Africans continues today. The instruments of this assault on our culture and consciousness are the weapons of propaganda: the press, television, cinema, and education. The chief fount of the propaganda is the cinema. From his capital in Hollywood, the Americans spew out an endless series of perverted films to debase and degenerate the youth of Africans. Divorce replaces marriage, abortion replaces birth, and the family becomes the battleground of individual strife. America has attained the goal of destroying African culture. They are entirely to blame for the decline and fall of African culture. However, Africans are as much to blame. Their enthusiastic complicity with their own corrupters has been their undoing. The society we get is the society we deserve.
There is little doubt that the virulent sex epidemic we witness all around us is a deliberately planned sex trap designed not only to catch the victim but also permanently alter his/her psychic and ensure endless enslavement. This is what the western world want.
The puppet masters who pull the hidden strings of the African regimes, all masquerading as democracies, have managed to manufacture exactly what we see when we look around us: widespread neurosis, mass misery, the collapse of moral values, religion in ruins, and the coarse brutalization of the common man.
Pornography is a veritable weapon of mass destruction; and the excessive amounts of masturbation that necessarily follow in its wake have transformed a huge number of Africans – upwards of 75% of men by some estimates – into online perverts and sexual deviants, endlessly searching for the next dopamine high, unconcerned about companionship and morality, and unable to feel the full spectrum of human emotions, easy pickings for the media and its unending flood of lies and degradation.

Rising Consumption of Pornographic Materials

The world today is overflowing with pornography. More people all over the world are consuming more pornographic materials now than at any other time in history. The globalization of the world fuelled by breakthrough in information and communication technology have triggered geometrical increase in the number of pornographic materials consumed; worsen by social cohesion, promote indiscipline and deviant behavior, especially in the third world.
The time, money, intellect, and other resources invested in the pornographic industry constitute huge loss to the economy. In August, 2013, The Watchtower Magazine reported that “every second nearly 30,000 persons view pornographic web sites”. The religion magazine observed that every minute Internet users send more than 1.7 million pornographic e-mails. It pointed out every hour nearly two hard-core pornographic movies are released in the United States, while every day an average of more than two million pornographic movies are rented in the US alone. It also revealed that every month nearly 9 out of 10 young men and 3 out of 10 young women in the US view pornography. According to the magazine’s estimation, “every year the global pornography industry generates an estimated 100 billion dollars”. No industry can grow without it being patronized. The statistics above pointed to a growing industry fueled by increasing consumers and an expanding market.
The effect of this is already taking its toll on social life in all villages, towns, and communities in Nigeria. No week passes without reported case of sexual offense across the country. In Eleme, for instance, cases of rape, child molestation, and other related sexual crimes traceable to exposure to pornography are on the increase. In all the villages, and towns of Eleme, women no longer go to the farm alone for fear of being raped or molested. Underage boys and girls now demonstrate expertise in sexual violence to the surprise of adults. Our street corners and plantation farms, at night are now open laboratory for experimentation of acquired pornographic experiences.
Pornography is like a drug to which the individual becomes addicted. Regardless of the hurt and pains it caused the individual, he or she keeps going back for more.

Impacts of Pornography

Porn is a web. Once caught in it, it is difficult to get out. It creates secretive and deceitful moods. Porn addicts, suffer emotional health quite a lot and will always have feelings as though they are empty shells; desensitization can also cause them to be unable to feel many emotions if they are not strong enough to cut through the fog that shrouds their addict minds and causes them to focus only on self-gratification. Many suffer from feelings of isolation, shame, anxiety, depression, and anger. In some case, they even develop suicidal tendencies to cover the shame of addiction.
The effects of pornography are progressive and addictive. It enters slowly and conquers wholly.
As time progresses and the addiction becomes more serious, the addict will no longer wish to speak or interact with close friends and family, and can become a semi-recluse who spends half his time avoiding people and the other half masturbating to cyber whores. It erodes self-control and impulse-control, partially due to the powerful impulses of the reward circuitry in the brains, but also due to frontal cortex atrophy, which will have the dual-pronged effect of both strengthening the impulsive neural pathways, and eroding the pathways which control rational thought and discipline.
Pornography only shows sex as the only important thing in a relationship between a man and a woman. It is an illusion to attempt to substitute porn for long-term loving sexual relationship, intimacy and commitment.
Also, since porn causes large rushes of dopamine to be released by the hypothalamus, the brains start to reduce the amount of receptor synapses in an effort to curb the growing need, which means that the addict will have to resort to increasingly weird and bizarre forms of sexuality in order to keep the novelty alive, and the dopamine flowing.
In fact, those who view things like bestiality, necrophilia, transgender pornography, homosexual pornography and child pornography were not initially attracted to these things, but grew desensitized to normal intercourse and so resorted to viewing these horrendous acts in order to fuel their growing addictions.
By this same mechanism, the idea of going out to meet women may become uninteresting to the addict due to the fact that most of them will only perform regular sex acts. Rather, they resort to judge women based solely on sexual performance and will ignore most other aspects of their personality or attributes they may have.
Eventually, there will come a point when the addict feels no need for actual sexual contact, all his desires being stimulated by virtual means. And, even if pornography does not transform him into the guy, he will feel as though it has.
Interestingly, while an individual woman can seem unexciting, many porn addicts report that the idea of taking things which belong to a woman for the purpose of using it to masturbate later can be intensely exiting – things like articles of clothing and such. During the course of the ongoing security sensitization programme, I once met a boy in one of the secondary schools who was very much into pornography, and found covertly placing girls schoolbooks into his bag so as to later use them to pleasure himself to be a highly stimulating activity. He was also fond of taking shoes. It is worth noting here that he seemed quite ashamed with himself, but was unable to control his impulses; when an opportunity arrived, he could not abstain.  This demonstrates how porn habits can bleed over into real life and encourage the proliferation of deviancy and sexual crime.
Social anxiety is also a common problem that men who have pornography addiction report. Many say that they find it challenging to go out into parties or get-togethers, and have difficulty talking to people, and making eye contact; speaking in coherent extended sentences will also become more difficult, and some chronic masturbators may even begin to develop mild stuttering symptoms. Self-esteem and positive self-image will also be decreased; after all, how can you think well of yourself when half of your internet traffic goes to fueling a pathetic and deleterious desire to get yourself off?
You may also, through over-stimulation of the limbic system, experience erectile dysfunction and a decrease overall in enthusiasm and ability to perform sexually with real women.
One thing I have noticed about women is that they have a subconscious ability to distinguish between porn addicts and those whose libido is not affected by pornography, which is why when you rid yourself of this compulsion, women will often feel more attracted to you, and will probably approach you far more often than if you had not.
Now, anyone with even an ounce of sense will know that all the effects ascribed above to pornography are extremely harmful to the collective health and conscience of any nation afflicted, and realize that we would do well to shake off this intensely burdening western creation, and from there destroy all the other power structures of the western world which hold our nations in thrall.
Nowadays, unlike in ancient Africa when men felt and behaved like men, masculinity is a rare trait, and is becoming rarer still now that porno addiction has become pandemic. Men often feel as though life is hopeless and depressing and rather than do anything about it, they would rather watch television programmes, eat foreign foods and drink foreign wines.
The essence of masculinity is the drive to impose your will upon the world and to do all you can to help your countrymen and African brothers and sisters to lead better lives, free from the influence of western thoughts and behaviours.
Real men don’t look at porn or go to clubs and look for loose women. They spend their quality time with women they love. Men with real character and strength will never spend their time pathetically trying to satiate their lust for women they only ever see on a screen and whom they will never meet.
No, I imagine the very idea would be abhorrent to them, so how could anyone ever call himself a real national socialist while indulging in these useless and degrading activities? The answer to that is: you cannot.
From the forgoing it is clear that exposure to pornography shapes attitude and values. Replicated studies have demonstrated that exposure to significant amount of increasingly graphic forms of pornography has a dramatic effect on how adult consumers view women sexual abuse, sexual relationships, and sex in general. These studies are virtually unanimous in their conclusion. For instance, when male subjects are exposed to as little as six weeks’ worth of standard hard-core pornography they:
a.       Develop an increased sexual callousness toward women.
b.      Begin to trivialize rape as a criminal offense or no longer consider it a crime at all.
c.       Develop distorted perception about sexuality
d.      Develop an appetite for more deviant bizzare or violent types of pornography – normal sex no longer seems to excite them.
e.       Devolve the importance of monogamy and lacks confidence in marriage as either a viable or lasting institution.
f.       View non-monogamous relationship as normal and natural behavior.

Breaking Free from Pornography

So how exactly does one go about getting rid of an addiction to pornography? Unfortunately, the reality is that there is no ‘miracle cure’ or drug that will ease ones compulsions. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to restore the mind almost completely to the way that it was before getting involved in pornography.  Though it will surely take some measure of willpower and grit, do not despair, as many have already completed their reboot and are now reaping the numerous benefits of freedom from the Western monster that is adult entertainment.
Remember your ancestors, Real African Men, and don’t be a victim of western poison.
Here are some steps that I think it would be useful to follow in order to quit masturbating and lead a healthier, more fulfilling life:

Find Reason to Quit

The first thing you will need to do is find a clear reason for why you wish to quit. For example, do you wish to become more focused in school or work life?  Perhaps become more attractive to women? Maybe you wish to regain lost masculinity, or even cure persistent porn-induced erectile dysfunction?
Whatever your reasons, do be sure to write them down and have them handy, so as to be able to pull them out quickly during moments of weakness and remind yourself of what you are trying to do and why.
If you have a close friend or family member who can assist you and provide support, you should definitely think about enlisting their aid.
Realize that porn is a western abomination, intended to warp your mind into conforming to their standards.  Realize that if you do not beat it, then you will spend the rest of your life living under a shadow, forever feeling that you are dirty and inferior to better, more disciplined men.

Delete Porn

Second, if you have a collection of downloaded porn, delete it. You may not watch it, but it will still remind you of watching porn, and as you will want as few reminders as possible, it is desirable to get rid of all past associations with it.
You might also want to install some kind of password protected porn blocker software, then configure the password to something you would not remember, thus dramatically decreasing your opportunities to view pornography.

Take Another Hobby

Third, take up some kind of hobby, perhaps a sport such as tennis or football, or simply a gym routine, as this will both allow you to expend your masculine sexual energy in a useful and productive manner, and will also take you away from home and the computer, which is where you will typically start to become tempted.
This is useful because it can be extraordinarily beneficial to the recovering addict to spend as much time as he can away from the computer and the constant lure of masturbation. One should also remember that although all masturbation is an unnecessary waste of powerful energies, masturbating without pornography is much less harmful than masturbating with pornography.

Understand Stages of Recovery

The fourth and last piece of advice I will give you is to understand the stages that a recovering person will go through, so as to be prepared for its trials. The stages that a typical recovery will entail are as follows:
In the first week or two of abstinence, you will feel your desire for pornography grow and become more insistent; do not give in at this stage; if you do, then you will have to start right back at day one.
After this period you will eventually get to a point where your desire becomes so great that your brain decides to almost shut down sexually. This is known as ‘withdrawal,’ because it mirrors the effect that other types of addicts experience with their recoveries.
In this period – which can last for about four weeks – your libido will be next to nonexistent, and you will be unable to easily gain erections. Do not be alarmed at this, as it will eventually subside, and you will soon regain normal control of your faculties.
After the period of withdrawal, you may find that the old desires and compulsions are back, albeit weaker. Do not give in and relapse, if you do, it will make it far more likely that you will relapse again, and again, in which case, you will have to restart your abstinence from the beginning.
Draw strength from those who came before you, remember the acts of your forefathers, remember your duty to your nation and to your race, and understand that while you are in the clutches of the vile addiction, you would not be able to fulfill them.
After a few days, you will start to notice a slow but very noticeable decrease in your libido and desire for pornography; keep at it and eventually you will start to return to normal, healthy sexuality.
Your old urges and desires will be greatly diminished, and you will experience life in far richer depth and detail than before. You will likely notice improvements in all aspects of life, and will be far happier and more capable a man because of it.
Do not let your guard down, as in today’s sexually charged environment; anything can act as a trigger for your old dependencies. Make sure to maintain all of yourself – body, mind and soul. Do this, and you will not only become better socialists or better citizens, but a better man/woman.
So “NO” to pornography and say “YES” to that man/that woman that loves you, need you and desire to make you what God wants you to be – Dominate, Conquer, Multiply and Replenish the world. A homosexual, lesbian, gay, or pornographer cannot achieve these feats. 

Let this wise saying of Socrates challenge you to build the NEW YOU!
“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates.