Saturday 22 June 2013

Sunday Sermon

Sunday Sermon

Oil theft is another growing threat to the Nigeria nation. The perpetrators of this deadly act are known economic saboteurs who operate a cartel applying the technique of deception and surprise. Oil theft is not game of the poor and less connected but the rich and highly connected. The militants that provide security escorts and at times divert the products or hijack/confiscate vessels to load stolen oil and their civilian and military collaborators operate in a virtual circle using the chaos strategy.

The link between terrorism and oil theft is fast growing, aimed at targeting us where we are most vulnerable, and are working to avoid presenting themselves as any direct threat.

Our military forces are not sized and structured as a counter-value force thus providing a fertile ground for the chaos strategists to increasingly identify new vulnerabilities through targets and methods such as critical infrastructure degradation or collapse, resource depletion, oil theft, small arms proliferation, terrorism, slaughtering of innocent citizens, children and women and so on.  

Nigeria is being targeted at the source of it mainstay – oil. Oil thieves are Nigeria’s enemies. Our concern should be how best to meet the challenges of oil theft and terrorism. Admittedly, there is danger of overestimating a nation’s real or potential enemy. But, there is a greater danger of not recognizing a nation’s enemy at all. Let us rise up to check these enemies in the interest of Nigeria.     

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