Saturday 22 March 2014

National Conference Delegates Get Paid N1.45m for a Week's Job

National Conference Delegates Get Paid N1.45m for a Week’s Job

The 492 delegates to the National Conference today got their first pay today. Each of the delegates got paid N1.45 million Naira after sitting for a week. The payment was made directly into the bank accounts of delegates.

This is the first week of the National Conference. The delegates spent the week squabbling over sitting arrangements, which prayers were appropriate and other mundane issues .They are expected to meet for three months and get paid every two weeks according to our sources.

The Federal Government has made available N7 billion (Naira) for the Conference. Each delegate is expected to be paid N4 million Naira per month, but it appears some of the funds will be applied to the Secretariat. Despite this huge amount, in a country where state governors are refusing to pay the minimum wage at N18, 000 per month, the delegates are still asking for more money to pay their aide. It could also be recalled that due to high level of unemployment in the country 20 young Nigerians died in Stampede at the employment test for recruitment into the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) conducted across the country Saturday, 15 March, 2014 while hundreds of others received various degrees of injuries.

According to Saharareporters’ columnist and satirist, Rudolf Okonkwo, "N1.45 million Naira for a week's job is not bad at all, especially when most of the delegates were just sleeping during their few hours of sitting."

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