Monday 4 August 2014

Eleme Research Foundation Takes Security Sensitization Campaign to more Organizations in Eleme

Eleme Research Foundation Takes Security Sensitization Campaign to more Organizations in Eleme

The Eleme Research Foundation has taken its ongoing security sensitization campaign programme to Rhoda Heartfelt Comprehensive College in Akpajo.

The President of the Foundation and leader of the team spoke extensively to the students, staff and management of the School on the importance of being security conscious, saying it will help in reducing the rising incidences of terrorism in the country. He told the audience that security is a shared responsibility between the police and the people and that the citizens owe it a duty to volunteer useful and timely information to the police. He stressed the importance of knowing one’s environment very well in order to ascertain when unusual things or people are brought in. He cautioned against ignoring abandoned cars and bags at busy places such as motor parks, markets, churches, schools and cinema viewing centers advising that such should be reported to the police. “Be security alert, be observant of your environments and your neighbors”, the security guru preached.


During the question and answer session, Ollorwi explained that the security sensitization campaign is Eleme Research Foundation’s humble contribution towards solving security challenges facing the country. In the words of Dr. Ollorwi, “it is our voluntary response to President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s call to all Nigerians, ‘…to come up with enlightenment programmes for our people, to make citizens very aware of suspicious movements so that they can be reported promptly to security agencies’”.

In response to a question, the security expert said, “Always endeavor to know and understand those who stay around and within your neighborhood and what they do for a living” explaining that terrorists are criminals and criminals are not known by the expressions on their face but by what they do, when they do it, where they do it, and how they do it. He reiterated that since, the police need to have accurate information as quickly as possible about a suspicious activity, person or object to nip crime in the bud; citizens should volunteer this information while the police on its part shouls treat such information with utmost confidentiality.

In an interview, Mr Fifii Alfred, Principal of Rhoda Heartfelt Comprehensive College said owing to the security challenges in the country, the school has been taking steps to ensure the safety of its pupils. He said the steps taken so far include: orientating their security officers on what is expected of them, strategizing the security management of the hostels, engaging the hostels masters and mistresses on serious security briefings, applying stringent policies like reducing the visiting periods of parents to just once a month, as well as locking the school gate at 6pm daily.

On the ways to tackle the security problems confronting the country, Mr. Fifii said, the government should carryout massive enlightenment campaign on security which should be targeted at the youths. He pointed out that employment should be created for the youths to keep them busy.

He thanked the Eleme Research Foundation for its activities and called on the government, corporate organizations and individuals to fund the body so that they will reach all sectors of the society with the message of security.

The team also visited Community Senior Secondary School in Ebubu, Lion Comprehensive High School in Ogale, Ambassador Nne Furu Kurubo Model Secondary School in Ebubu, National Teachers Institute (NTI), Eleme Study Centre in Alode, and Mountains of Fire and Miracles Ministries Eleme Zonal Headquarters in Ogale.











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