Saturday 3 January 2015

Why Obasanjo Should Leave Nigeria Alone

Why Obasanjo Should Leave Nigeria Alone

In 2005, specifically on Thursday, December 29, 2005, Chief Gani Fawehinmi (SAN) admonished Obasanjo for poor performance and warned him not to truncate Nigeria, describing him as always setting a dangerous precedent capable of heating-up the polity, which can lead to a possible disintegration of the country.

The human right activist advised Obasanjo thus: “Do not disturb the polity, do not lay a dangerous precedent, do not tempt God and do not ignore the feeling of the people as they are against your bid”. Obasanjo had continually thrown this wise counsel to the winds. Through his actions, speeches and writings he is determined to pull down Nigeria. Why is it that those spared by death always disturb life? Why do some people prefer to open their mouth so wide making it difficult for the lips to contain the tongue? Obasanjo should not be allowed to kill Nigeria! Nigeria has done more for Obasanjo than any other citizen of this country. Obasanjo should be very grateful to Nigeria. He should begin to make plans to build Nigeria not to destroy the country through his attitude of “holier than thou”.   

As former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, a one-time Head of State, retired General and international figure that deserve our individual and collective respect, Obasanjo should consider the security implications of all his words (written or verbal) and actions before making them public. It is on record that so many lives were lost and Nigeria was almost burnt down in 2011 following unguided utterances by one of the Presidential aspirants. As Nigerians prepare for the 2015 General Elections it is suicidal for our leaders to fan the amber of violence and bloodshed through their attitude and behaviour. 

The comment by Chief Gani Fawehinmi on the performance of Obasanjo’s government after six painful and unfruitful years, published in the Daily Independent of December 29, 2005, tells it all about the Mr. Know-It-All, “The agony, the anguish, the pain and the pang of crushing poverty, which the Obasanjo administration had brought on the majority of Nigerians show no sign of abating”.

The ill-conceived “My Watch” and several unguided utterances by Obasanjo do not augur well for the peace, harmony and tranquility in the country. Obasanjo should not be tempting God. He should stop instigating Nigerians against Goodluck. His claim to be Solomon of Nigeria or Last-of-the-Prophets is not only false but also deceiving him the more. If Obasanjo has no advice to give to help Nigeria overcome its present predicaments, or nothing good to say about the government of the day let him keep quiet.

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