Saturday 11 January 2014

Ebubu Requests for Police Post

Ebubu Requests for Police Post


The people of Ebubu in Eleme Local Government Area of Rivers State of Nigeria have called on the Federal Government of Nigeria to establish a Police Post to check rising cases of cultism, armed robbery, rapping and other crimes in the area. In a letter to the Rivers State Commissioner of Police, the Traditional Rulers, Chiefs, and Elders pointed to the recent rival cult clashes in the area which left several people dead and disrupted the socio-economic life of Ebubu for almost two months.  

The letter reads in part, “The Traditional Rulers, Chiefs and Elders of Ebubu met yesterday over the cult crisis that left many people dead and the social and economic life of Ebubu disrupted and resolved to request for permanent Police presence in the area”.

They noted that the ad-hoc arrangements of drafting in the police during emergencies have failed to check emerging security challenges in the area, stressing that the distance between the Eleme Divisional Police Headquarters in Ogale Nchia and the Nonwa Police Station in Tai Local Government Area “is so much that these criminals capitalized on it to perpetuating their crimes”. The presence of security’s red spot like the Trailer Park in Ejamah Ebubu, its proximity to other emerging criminals breeding centers like Onne Port (FOT Junction), Eleme New Town in Ogale, and AP in Alesa, combined to put so much pressure on the existing security resources in Ebubu thus the urgent need for permanent police post in the area.

“We also wish to point out that the former Ebubu Health Center is vacant. The Center has also been inspected and found suitable by the former Eleme Police DPO, Mr. Fienyobo Sinclair earlier this year and was donated for use by the force”, the letter explained.

It is also evident that the traditional rulers, chiefs, elders, and elites of Ebubu have made former physical presentation of their demands to the Rivers State Deputy Commissioner of Police in Port Harcourt yet nothing positive have come out.

It is very unfortunate that such an important request that bears on the peace and security of a people has received no attention. The continue delay, silence and inaction of the Rivers State Police authority on this issue calls for concern by all well-meaning people of Ebubu and Eleme.

The provision of security is the sole responsibility of the Government and not traditional rulers that are neither recognized nor paid nor empowered through whatever means by the Government to execute security functions.
Having provided adequate accommodation and agreed to cooperate with law enforcement authorities, it is the opinion of the custodians of the people’s culture and tradition that if their request is granted the rising cases of insecurity in Ebubu will be checked and lasting peace will return to the area.

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