Wednesday 22 January 2014


Haba Senator

It is rather unfortunate that a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria can descend so low as to fake gunshot to waste national resources and blackmail the police. Hear him, "The truth is that. I was not shot. I only inhaled excess of the tear gas and the doctor requested l should be flown abroad. So l didn’t orchestrate the so called drama. I was simply obeying the doctor’s instruction. Nigerians should direct the blame to the doctor, because I was embarrassed too by the doctors in London when they queried the doctor’s report I came with”.

 Must it take Abe all this while to say the truth? That this is coming after the National Assembly, the Inspector General of Police, the Federal Government and various NGOs have constituted panels upon Panels of Inquiry to investigate the shooting of Senator Magnus Abe, is a serious disappointment. Why should he suddenly turn around to say, “I was not shot”? What a shame. Ogonis are known not to tell lies or deceive people. They are not known to raise false alarm for gains. The live of Ken Saro-Wiwa testifies to this. What did Abe want to achieve with faking gunshot and now asking Nigerians to direct their blames to “the doctor”. Was “the doctor” with him when the incident took place? Is he not the actor in the orchestrated shooting drama who merely invited the doctor to join him in the act? If the following emerging facts concerning Senator Magnus Abe’s orchestrated shooting incident are anything to go by, then, Nigeria is in trouble. Is it true that:

1.     Senator Abe was alleged to be hit by a fake bullet?

2.     Rivers State Government claimed that Senator Abe was bleeding badly?

3.     Port Harcourt doctors were intimidated to issue fake health certificate/referral note?

4.     Rivers State Government claimed that Senator Abe was flown to UK with air ambulance?

5.     Air France confirms that Senator Abe was a passenger on seat number 01, on their 20.10pm flight – PHC-LOS-LON?

6.     Senator Abe was checked into London Bridge Hospital, Emblem House, Tooley Street, SE1 2RP with fake name?

7.     London Hospital informed Senator Abe that he has no need for medical attention, but free to stay as long as he wishes?

8.     Senator Abe was admitted in Ward that deals with shock victims, instead of Emergency Unit for gunshot wounds? And

9.     Is it true that APC leadership planned to move Senator Abe out this weekend?
Who is fooling who here? Why should Abe choose to mislead Nigerians? Why did he choose to be economical with the truth? Abe owe Nigerians an apology. Abe owe the police an apology. Abe owe Rivers people an apology. Abe owe Ogonis an apology. Abe owe Eleme people an apology. As a deterrent to others, Abe should be made to bear the cost of the various panels instituted to investigate the false shooting including the cost of disruption of traffics and economic activities on east/west road in Eleme arising from the protest/blockage by youths because of the shooting which turns out to be sham. Haba Senator!

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