Friday 9 May 2014

How Internet Fraudsters Use Sex To Lure Their Victims In Eleme


A five-man gang of robbers, including a female have confessed to the murder of a manager with Shell Petroleum development Company (SPDC) Limited, Mr. Progress Disi and a businessman, Mr. Shola Olaseinde. The gang affirmed that the deceased and other numerous victims fell into their trap on the social media network platform – Badoo.

They disclosed this while narrating the gory tale of how they lure men through the popular online dating website to a lonely spot where they attack them, rob them of their valuables, and strangle unfortunate ones to death.

The suspects, Emmanuel Eneji, Chukwu Chibueze, Lekia Emmaden Isaac, Michael Eneji and Gift Princess were apprehended by the Rivers State Police Command days after the family of one of their latest victims, Mr. Shola Olaseinde, reported the disappearance the victim.

Olaseinde decomposing body was discovered in the bush close to an abandoned SPDC pipeline at Ebubu Eleme in Rivers State. A stone throw from there was also a decomposing body of another victim identified as Mr. Progress Disi, a staff of Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) whose family has also reported missing since March 7th, 2014.

The gang leader, Michael Eneji, a 24-year old footballer confessed to the crime, saying that his gang did not know that the late Shola Olaseinde would not be able to escape from the forest after they dispossessed him of his valuables.

“When I couldn’t afford to pay my School fees, I decided to go into love dating scam. I operate by luring victims on Badoo chat that most Nigerian men visit regularly. I surf the net, select pictures of black models and impersonate them. As soon as they see the pictures, some will send a message and I will reply. They will ask for my number and I will give them.  I also have a special Tecno Phone that has a special voice prompt that allows a man to sound like a woman”, Michael Eneji said.

Continuing, he narrated, “Once I establish a contact, I will go to the next step which is to convince them that I will satisfy their sexual urge. Pretending to be a girl, I will tell them to meet me at a Conoil Petrol Station before the Trailer Park, along Eleme axis of the East-West Road, while one of my boys Chibueze will go there and meet them as my domestic servant, to direct them to my house.

“To further convince them to come; I will claim that I live in one of the estates alone and that it will be safer to meet there so that they will not be caught.

“In their car, Chibueze will tell them to drive towards a deserted place where we will lay ambush. Dressed in police uniform, we will stop them and demand to know what they are doing in such a deserted place. We will overpower them; tie their hands and legs while we take their valuables, including their ATM Cards.

“Two of us will go to the bank and withdraw money from their accounts through their ATM. If there is no money in the account, we will loosen the rope and disappear. This will enable the person to untie himself and escape,” Michael Eneji said.

He revealed that they have swindled so many men before they were arrested. “I never knew that Mr. Disi and Olaseide did not escape till I was arrested. I can only recalled that both of them had so much money in their accounts, so we decided to keep them for some days to enable us withdraw enough money from their accounts”, he said.

On how he lured their latest victim, the suspect explained, “Shola showed interest in having an affair with the lady he saw on my Badoo displaced pictures. He demanded to see her, so I told him that I am free around 7pm and he told me that it was the perfect time to hang out.

“At about that time, he drove to the spot with his driver and Chibueze, who was on ground, joined him. He directed them to the spot and we took over the car, tied him and the driver up. He did not have much cash with him unlike the others. When we got to the bank, I realized that he had about four million, five hundred thousand Naira (N4.5m) in his account.

“Blindfolded, we took him further into the bush and decided to keep him there for some days to enable us empty that account while the driver must have escaped from the initial spot where he was tied.

“Few days later, we were arrested. I never knew that he did not escape alive”, Micael Eneji added.

Concerning the second victim, he said, “The second victim, Mr. Disi, was not my contact. It was Elijah, the leader of another group that contacted me to help execute the job. I became interested when he told me that the “Mugu” works with SPDC. All I did was to lure him to visit by promising him good sex. I do not know if they killed him because of the huge amount that was found in his account. The truth is that we do not kill, but rob them of their valuables only.

“We will sell the car, withdraw as much as we can through their ATM and disappear. We know that such crime might not be reported because the man will not tell his family or the police why and where he was robbed to protect his image. It is unfortunate that they died. We actually left them there alive, breathing. The only difference is that we did not loosen the rope so that they can easily escape”.

Narrating the role of the only lady in their midst, Michael Eneji said, “She is my fiancĂ©e and I normally use her to further convince our target to assume that we are real. If the target insists that I should come and see him, I will send my girl to go and meet him. She will be the one that will lure them to the spot where we can take over.”

Speaking in his office in Ogale Eleme, the Eleme Divisional Police Officer, Mr. Nathaniel Okpara confirmed the incident and advised Nigerians to take issues of their security very seriously.

The Suspects: Emmanuel Eneji, Chukwu Chibueze, Lekia Emmaden Isaac, Michael Eneji and Gift Princess

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