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A nation is a geopolitical, psycho-social and economic expression. It is a group of people made distinct from other groups of people by its geographical or territorial location, its political ideology and its socio-economic orientation. The nation is a dynamic phenomenon because it is a living unit that is in a perpetual state of flux – it grows, stagnates, and retrogresses depending on its ability to contend with a variety of threats to both its survival and development. It is in this sense that the concept of national security evolved.

 In the modern nation states, it is difficult to tell who your friends are or say who your enemies are today or will be tomorrow. When it comes to preserving national security, trusting no one is the best idea. This is because information you share today might be used against you tomorrow. In their 2003 book, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to National Security”, Michael Benson, Danny O. Coulson, and Allan Swenson (2003) wrote that Americans cannot easily tell who their enemies were. They narrated how the Soviet Union fought a war in Afghanistan against the ruling government there known as the Taliban, how America considered Taliban a friend because they were enemy of America’s enemy (Soviet Union) and supported Taliban in that battle. “Today, the Taliban is known as the government who gave the terrorist group Al Qaeda a home in Afghanistan…. Now, the Taliban is the friend of our (America) enemy (Al Qaeda) and so has become our (America) enemy”.

America supported Iraq and President Saddam Hussein during the 1980s bloody war between Iran and Iraq. In a twist, America led the world into Iraq in search of weapons of mass destruction, found none, dethroned President Saddam Hussein, and hanged the dreaded perceived leader of the Great Middle East. America deceived the world to hit at Iraq and took over its oil and wealth. Deception has no other side. The policeman of the world knows how to use you against yourself.

This stance has been demonstrated by America in several other fronts and has led the world to arm race and the discovery of weapons of mass destruction, biological and chemical weapons, laboratory accidents and escape of deadly viruses, nuclear reactor accidents, espionage and counter-espionage and harvests of assassinations. It aided industry, it killed industry, and suffocated economics, toppled governments, installed stooges and is attempting not only to imprison the world but bring it to untimely end.

The weapon of the cold war is deception. The cold war between America and USSR revealed the state of mind that encourages international deception and the mind of the state that perpetuates it. The big brother favours fraud instead of force to manipulate, dominate and control the world. In its war against communism America perfected a system I refer to as “set them against themselves” (STAT) to hasten the collapse of USSR when all strategies and tactics failed.  According to Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld and Alyssa A. Lappen in the book “Pirates, Terrorists, and Warlords (2009) by Jeffery H. Norwitz (ed), Shari’a which is the sole of Islam is referred to as, “the enemy – shari’a”, followed by the statement, “Exposing shari’a and all its adherents, be they states, organizations, or individuals, is crucial to our ability to defend ourselves. It will also enable us to undermine shari’a’s global structure, turning adherents against it, the way we did with communism”. To the Muslims the declaration of cold war on Shari’a is not only provoking but a call for the protection of Islam and the Muslim world.  Besides, they are not ignorant of America’s cold war strategy which is set them against themselves.

To Michael Benson, Danny O. Coulson, and Allan Swenson (2003), “militant Muslims have replaced Communists as the number-one enemy to U. S. security….”

The “Pirates, Terrorists, and Warlords” (2009) by Jeffery H. Norwitz (ed), describing shari’a wrote, “Shari’a is the set of Islamic laws established by Muslim jurists, based on the Qur’an and deeds of the prophet Muhammad, as recorded beginning more than 1,200 years ago. Its end goal, for all time, is establishing a world ruled entirely by Islam and the harsh shari’a laws. These laws govern every aspect of daily life and prohibit individual, political, and religious freedom”.

Shari’a is not only an adversary but have replaced communism as America’s number-one enemy. In Northern Nigeria there are numerous Muslim groups, which want to introduce shari’a in the whole country. In the states of the North these demands have been executed in 1999 and 2001. In the following 9 states the Shari’a has full validity: Zamfara, Kano, Sokoto, Katsina, Bauchi, Borno, Jigawa, Kebbi, Yobe. And in Kaduna, Niger and Gombe states the shari’a is valid for areas with a mainly Muslim population.  

Boko Haram which has been active since 2001 in northern Nigeria is not only seeing itself as a body of radical Muslims but also as a people committed to the propagation of the prophet muhammad teachings and jihad with a very strong ideological concept such as Islamic extremism and Islamic fundamentalism with an aim of Islamizing Nigeria. Apart from deriving inspirations from the Holy Quran, they are marshaling their unifying and supporting factors from what they termed America’s perception of Islam as “evil” and shari’a as “enemy”. Thus, they tagged Western education forbidden evil and Western lifestyle sin. Boko Haram is merely attempting to Islamized Nigeria as soon as possible for fear of America’s indoctrinating the entire country. The war directed against the Nigeria state by Boko Haram was born out of fear and inferiority complex.

True that after the fall of Communism, America may have wrongly or rightly perceive Islam as an emerging enemy or shari’a as a threat. The fear is not misplaced.  Americans fear the role of shari’a and the Muslim Brotherhood in developing a global ideology and a political movement supported by a parallel Islamic financial system designed to exploit and undermine the Western economics and markets. But, there has never been any official pronouncement in that regard.

To the Americans, this movement is the foundation and the major funding source for the political, economic, and military initiatives of the global Islamic movement. They are also of the opinion that the end goal of this movement is to impose that ideology globally, making the “Islamic nation” or ummah supreme. And so, the best solution is to dislodge Islam and contain Shari’a. Further still, no official statement has been made public; but the bombs are booming, lives are being lost daily and properties are being damaged on regular basis.

What position is Nigeria occupying in the Islamic circle to deserve her listing as a potential Islamic state? Many Nigerians are asking. If you are one of those asking such question, listen: Have you forgotten that Nigeria is a member of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC)?  Are you not aware that almost all northern states have adopted “Shari’a” – the Islamic legal code? Are you not aware of the fact that Nigeria is the most populous black nation in the world?  Are you ignorant of the fact that Nigeria is among the wealthiest nations of the world? Besides, Nigeria is blessed with enormous resources and Nigeria’s voice is loud globally. When you combined all these you will see why the fight for Nigeria’s soul is so fierce and bloody.  

Members of the Boko Haram Islamic sect are all aware of role the United State’s national security played for more than 40 years that eventually brought about the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Therefore by comparing Shari’a to Communism, Islamic fundamentalists are of the opinion that America is out to adopting the same military might and technology to confront their perceived emerging archenemy – Shari’a. Perhaps, that is why there are ongoing crises in all countries with handful of Muslims populations across the world. A war of survival if you like!

Yet by launching terror attacks on a nation’s innocent and lawful citizens, the Muslim fundamentalists have not only expressed their fear of eventual extinction of Islam as a religion but expose their weakness in terms of the ability to sustain their Islamic faith in the face of a more superior Christian religion.  

The adoption of Shari’a law between 1999 and 2001 contributed immensely to Islamists mobilization in northern Nigeria and is fast fuelling the deep dissatisfaction with socio-economic conditions and poor governance as well as provoking vociferous religious ideology with periodically obscures violence that is being driven more by economic factors and religious ideology and social sustainability syndrome. Survival instincts have the potential to drive a people to be aggressive to ensure their survivability and to also do anything that guarantee their uninterrupted growth and development.  

Boko Haram has succeeded in infusing religion into a long-churning brew of grievances about wealth and power distribution, corruption, and injustice. To this, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s Government has responded poorly not only to the long-standing ethnic tensions in the country, but also to the specific case of Boko Haram, often ignoring or instigating the former while brutally and indiscriminately overreacting toward the latter.

On the other hand, our security personnel has proved that they overwhelmingly lack intelligence capacity and the ability to either disrupt attacks before they happen or track down real culprits who are at times connected to key politicians.

President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s Government must move beyond the blunt use of lethal force by improving intelligence-collection and building healthier civil-military relations. Sending tanks to the streets may appease the angry public, but it is not an effective counterterrorism policy.

The United States whose stance on Islam and Shari’a contributed to unify all Islamic fundamentalists all over the world and acted as indirect boost and support for their campaign must encourage the President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s Government to address the political, economic, and religious insecurities that give resonance to Boko Haram’s ideology.
The President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s Government must also empower and protect the many moderate Islamic leaders in the north that have stood up against Boko Haram even while facing assassinations. Ultimately, the real solutions to the Boko Haram menace are both local and global

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